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We believe that to instigate change for future generations on healthy eating and nutrition, we need to work with not only the children but also their parents and families for them all to gain knowledge and understanding on what healthy food looks like and how they can incorporate it into their daily lives as they currently are.

‘Nourish for Learning’


Our aim is to provide 10,000 school children with healthy food in Cambodia. Each meal will be plant-based and costs $0.50 per child per day. We work in rural communities and build long-term relationships with schools in order to commit to nourishing children throughout their education. Working directly with farmers who are producing their produce without chemicals and pesticides, allows us to source the highest quality fresh ingredients for the food.

‘Education on Nutrition’


We run educational activities in schools with children such as learning about the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables through play-based activities such as eating fruits to guess what nutrients and minerals are inside, art projects and planting seeds to watch them grow and learn about the process.

‘Nutrition for All’


Our newest project, working with the parents and families of the children that we see in the schools to give them knowledge and practical tools on how they can provide healthier meals with a full spectrum of nutrition to their children. We hope by doing this, it will make a positive impact for generations to come as they understand and gain knowledge about which foods to eat for a healthier future.

Did you know?
66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world.

(source: World Food Programme)


According to the World Health Organisation, “access to appropriate nutrients remains a major challenge in Cambodia. Several studies have been done on the topic, and showing that access to adequate quantities of micronutrients, such as iron, calcium and zinc, for instance, is not possible through a local, affordable diet. This is especially the case for the poorest part of the population, especially in food insecure, rural areas where access to proper water and sanitation as well as health care is sparse.”

When children don’t eat enough healthy, nutritious food they are undernourished.

This can cause:

  • Issues with cognitive function and physical growth.

  • Difficulty concentrating and decreased learning capacity which can affect the high number of children being illiterate.

  • Mental problems such as anxiety, mood swings, confusion or learning problems.

  • Anemia.

  • Slow wound healing or weakened immune system.